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Kinderstars Curriculum 


Kids are born to move and we all know it is important to be active, but do you know where to start?


At COFFS COAST SPRINGLOADED our focus is on Fun, Fundamentals and Fitness. Our Kinderstars curriculum for 5 year olds and under, offers learning through auditory, visual and kinaesthetic based movement activities. This gymnastic based program offers a gymnastics pathway for those who wish to progress in the sport in future years. Our structured classes provide endless benefits to our Kinderstars physical, social, emotional and cognitive development, all whilst having fun in a safe and stimulating environment.

Each week, our programs focus on different “Themes” to help our young gymnasts engage in creative thinking.

Our Kinderstars curriculum controls the environment and not the gymnast, allowing them freedom in exploring the environment with parents participating in a guiding role.

Toddler gym

1.5-3 year olds


Have you got an active toddler? Then this class is for you!
Our Toddler Gym class caters for our 1.5 year to 3 year old beginning gymnasts. Parent participation is paramount in helping our toddler gym kids to develop gross and fine motor movement patterns, utilising modified and substituted gymnastics equipment. This confidence building class is the perfect stepping stone before our Kindergym program. 




(Max 16 particpants per class-2 coaches per class)

Kinder gym

3-5 year olds


Our Kinder gym class caters for 3-5 year old boys and girls.  In this class, our little gymnasts are taught the basic movement patterns whilst having fun. Activities include climbing, swinging and jumping to balancing, posing and sequences. These are known as our Fundamentals, which are super beneficial for future sports and activities. 


On completion of our Kinderstars curriculum, our young gymnasts will have developed socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically all the skills necessary to be successful preschool students. Before you know it, they are off too big school and are ready for our Recreational programs.




(Max 16 participants per class-2 coaches per class)

Junior gym

4-5 year olds | Invitational Only


Our Junior gym class is invitational only and caters for boys and girls aged 4-5 years old. This class has been designed for those Kinderstars needing more of challenge. The gymnasts participate in a Recreational like program without parents, where they can discover their own abilities in a supportive and exciting environment. Our Junior gymnasts take ownership of their movement and perform gymnastics based skills with/without assistance from a qualified coach during this transitional stage. The curriculum has been designed to enable your child to progressively develop basic movement patterns, so that good body tension and spatial awareness is promoted, and within each lesson there is scope for extension and creative activity.




(Max 12 participants per class-2 coaches per class)


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