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Development Squad

Invitational Only

Our SUPERSTARS development squad is an advanced program designed specifically to be a stepping stone into the competitive gymnastics program with COFFS COAST GYMNASTICS. It also caters for athletes who have mastered the basic fundamentals of the Recreation program and need more of challenge. This class focuses on skill acquisition in an accelerated learning environment with specific focuses on flexibility, posture, technique, strength and conditioning. The program contains skills from the Womens Artistic Gymnastics Foundations Program and has been put together by leading Head Coaches, Kristie Cater and Alannah Robey. 



5-9 year olds

Our Superstars Development Squad caters for 5-9 year olds and is an invitation only class. Athletes are introduced to skills that are in the Foundations Program. In this class, athletes are guided by skill trees that are unique to each individual. They are assessed at the end of each term to ensure they are progressing and are continually challenging themselves with new skill sets. At the completion of this program, athletes will be physically, mentally and emotionally ready for competitive gymnastics. 


3.45-4.45pm | 4.45-5.45pm


(Max 10 participants per class)

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